The Covalt Link

For the Covalt line Researchers, here's my line:


Roger C. Covalt (aka: ME!!!), s/o

Elbert M. Covalt (3 December 2003) and Ruth E. Kraus, s/o

Harley W. Covalt (b: 17 Nov 1886, Ca) and Bessie L. Bemis, s/o

John (aka: George) Wallace Covalt (b: June 1855, In) and Mary Jane DeWitt

William H. Covalt (b:6 Apr 1811, Oh) and Hannah Clawson, s/o

Jonathan Covalt (b:6 Apr 1786, PA) and Catherine Highland

Abraham Coult/Covalt (B:8 Oct 1742, CT) and Lois Pendleton, s/o

Abraham Coult/Colt  (b:30 Sep 1714, CT) and Elizabeth Gustin, s/o

Abraham Colt (b: 21 May 1692, CT) and Susannah Risley, s/o

Abraham Colt (b:15 Jul 1666, Ct) and Hannah Loomis, s/o

John Coult (d:Aft 25 Sep 1713. England) and Hester Edwards, s/o

John Colt (b: 8 Oct 1598 England) and Ann Fitch, s/o

John Colt (b:1570 England) and Joanna Barber, s/o

John Colt (England)

Sir Peter Colt (England)

Sir John Dutton Colt (England)



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June 27, 2013