My son Dan and I have spent quite a few spring breaks exploring the eastern sierras and Death Valley National Park. This time, we took along my daughter, Morgan. This gave Ericka a nice vacation from us at home.


For our Spring Break, Dan, Morgan and me, headed up HWY 395, along the eastern sierras (One of my favorite drives), to Laws Railroad Museum (A favorite of the 3 of us), just NE of Bishop. After playing around there, we headed down 395 and camped at Lone Pine Campground, along the road to Whitney Portal.


We then headed east to Death Valley where we visited “The Racetrack”, and along the way, Teakettle Junction. The Racetrack is quite famous because of the rocks that move along this dry lake. On a side note, while at "the Grandstand", being the "green" family that we are, we were picking up trash and Dan found a faded $10 bill.


We then headed over to Scotty’s castle then down to Furnace Creek.


We then headed over to Badwater, Devil’s Golf Course (Didn’t see Tiger Woods there), the Salt Creek, the Sand Dunes and Dante’s Point. Of course we visited other areas, but do I need to mention all of them?

The flowers were blooming, and I thought this was a better “show” than the one in 2005, but the rangers said that 2005 was much better. It all depends on when you are out here.


So enjoy some of my pictures.

Dan and Morgan in front of the "Slim Princess"

The turntable at Laws. The one at Old Poway Park is a replica of this

Mt Whitney from Lone Pine Campground

Information about Mt. Whitney-

Some more of the snow in the sierras

The entrance to Death Valley NP

More information about Death Valley NP-

The "world famous" Teakettle junction, on the way to the racetrack

For more information go-,_California

Dan and Morgan examining one of the "moving" rocks at the racetrack

For information about the "Racetrack" go-

Dan showing the $10 bill he found at the grandstand

Dan looks a little burned out

Scotty's castle's_Castle

The front door to the castle

Some of the tile in the basement

The next car I take to DV (Found at Scottys Castle)


The sand dunes

Rolling down the dunes can be fun

Artist Palette's_Palette_in_death_valley.jpg

We made it to Badwater

And below is a shot of Dan and me in 2004 at Badwater. Dan has grown a bit's_Golf_Course#Devil.27s_Golf_Course


Dante's view looking down into the valley, 5000' below's_View

How you rig a tent when the poles break

Yes, the flowers were blooming