Tracing my wife's Genealogy

Maybe you can help my wife trace her Genealogy.

So I like to trace Dead people. It's a hobby of mine. When my wife married me, she also got involved in tracing her roots. Some links go back quite a ways, but then other lines end. If you can help her, She (and I) would greatly appreciate it!!

My Wife's dead ends (That's DEAD Ends, not split ends!!) are as follows:

Madison F. BARNHART, who was born on 18 Sep 1832 in Greene, Tn and died on 15 August 1872 in Sonora Atchison, Mo. His wife was Maranda M. Slyger who was born in 1835 in Washington, Tn. She married Madison on 18 August 1854 in Washington, Tn. The Ancestral File has Madison's parents as Ernest Felix BARNHART (born 1800) and Margaret BIRD (born 1810). Maranda's parents are listed in the Ancestral File as John SLYGER (born 1809) and Delong BACON (Born 1813).

Esther Alice BLACKBURN (John Victor Helm was her husband) was born 17 Sept 1867 in Afton Rock, Wisconsin and died on 24 July 1963 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Her father is listed as Joseph Day BLACKBURN, who was born in Leichester, England. Her mother is listed as Hannah Barsby, who was born on 1 April in Leicester, England, and died in Friend, Nebraska.

Henry Orson COLE, born on 6 apr 1874 in Shenandock, Iowa. He died 27 Sept 1929 in Kimball, Nebraska. His father is listed as Orson Cole who died on 25 Dec 1877. Orson's father is listed as William Cole who was born in Wales, and his mother as Susanne Larimore. Henry's mother is listed as Belle Tullar, who's parents are listed as Cardon Tullar .

Joseph A. FINUCANE, born 9 feb 1844. Died 6 Dec 1882. Married to Betty EDWARDS (looking for her too) who was born on 23 Dec 1843, and died on 25 Oct 1892.

John GIST, born 23 NOV 1792 (in TN or NC). Died 9 June 1863 (Moniteau, MO). Married to Matilda HOWARD (Looking for her too) who was born on 1 oct 1798 and died about 1829 (MO). I have John's father as John GIST (born 1766) and mother as Hannah GERON (born 1770).and Abigail.

John GOOD, who was born on 12 Jan 1812 and died on 25 April 1878. He was married to Susan Ann HARMON, who was born 30 Oct 1816 and died on 25 Jan 1905.

Heinrich August HEINZ, born 4 March 1796 in Saumorja, Bangart, Russia. He died in 1837 in the same town he was born in. He married Eva Katherina KLEMM (who died in 1837). I show Heinrich's father as Gottfried Bernhard HEINZ, who was born in 1757. I show Gottfried's father as Johann Nichlaus HEINZ.

John Victor HELM or HJELM. He was born in Jonchorping, Gothland, Sweden and died on 2 Feb 1936 in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have his father as Joesph HELM or HJELM who was born in Sweden. John's mother was Carrie SAMUELSON, who was born in Sweden. Her father is listed as Nels (could be Niels or Nils) SAMUELSON, who was born in Johchorping, Gothland, Sweden.

Oscar Louis LUSCHEI, born 3 Sep 1862 in Bogdonnen, Germany. He died 24 July 1910 in Columbus, Nebraska. I show his father as Frederick LUSCHEI and his mother as Caroline HINTZ. Oscar married Antonia Christina Caroline ZIMMERMAN on 28 Nov 1884 in Mission Creek, Nebraska. Antonia was born on 1 Oct 1859 in Tilsit Germany, and died on 6 April 1932 In Nebraska. Her parents are listed as Ludwig ZIMMERMAN and Wilhemina HINTZ.

James Rufus MAYFIELD, born 19 Sep 1841 (MO), married Martha Eugenia MARTIN (looking for her too-born 20 August 1850) on 16 Feb 1871. He died in Texas on 3 Oct 1907. His father was James Mayfield, and his mother was Alice Means.

Tolbert Thomas SCOTT, born 15 May 1828 (MO), died in Texas on 6 Mar 1889. His wife was Amanda FULKS (Her too) who was born on 22 Jun 1831 (MO) and died in Texas 12, July 1901.

Noah Durham SWEETEN, born 25 July 1828 (Tn), died in Barksdale, Texas on 12 Dec 1895. Married to Sarah Ann JOHNSON (her too), who was born on 15 August (My Birthday!!) 1836 in Tennessee and died in Atascosa, Texas on 22 Jun 1872.

Heinrich P. TOEMER, born 1829 in Jost, Vulgagbiat, Russia. He was married to Greta G. STAHLMAN, who was born in 1828, in the same town her husband was born in.

James WHITE, born 1787. Died in MO. He married Lydia PURCELL who was born 1791 and died in MO.

Thanks for taking a look-Roger and Ericka



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