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So I like to trace Dead people. & It's a hobby of mine (I can remember the time I took a date to a cemetery to look for ancestors tombstones). Some links go back quite a ways.!!

At the bottom of this page, I list a couple books you might want to look for to help in searching various links. Also, if you want to see my Covalt line (from me to John Colt, click here and it'll take you to my Covalt page. 

Now onto my "dead" lines.

Richard George Allen, born 24 Feb 1811 in Magheralin, Down, Ireland. Married Esther Hayes (d:18 Apr 1854, Hushing Island, northwest of Tahiti). Both lines are dead

Judith Armsby, born abt 1745. Married to John Lewis GUERNSEY (born 27 Aug 1742 in Rohoboth, Mass).

Edmond BEDINGFIELD (Sir/Knight) who was born in 1450. Married Margaret SCOTT, born abt 1453. Both lines are dead.

James BEMIS, born abt 1589 in Dedham, Essex, England. Died 26 Jun 1624 in Dedham. Married Anne SPRAY (born abt 1593 in Essex, England) abt 1614 in Essex, England. Both lines are dead

Alice BRASIER or BRAZIER, born 1597 in Bristol, Somerset, England. She died 1638 in England. She was married to Thomas MAKEPEACE (born 1593).

John BROWNE or BROWN, born abt 1380. Of Stanford, Draper, Tolethorpe, England. Died 26 July 1442. Married Margery (born abt 1482, died 22 Nov 1460. Buried at All Saints Church at Stanford) abt 1405. Ancestral File shows John's father as John BROWN who was born abt 1349. His father is listed as John Brown who was born in 1312.

John Coul/Colt, died Aft 25 Sep 1713 in Windsor, Hartford, Ct. Married to Hester Edwards. Also married to Mary Skinner. John is the last (or beginning, if that is how you look at it) of the proven line. Evidence points that he was born in England and came over to America with a Mr. Hooker. At the State of Connecticut Website, there is mentioned about a John Colt "builds first ship in 1666, in New London.

Peter William FRANK, born in Austria prior to 1868. He died in 1898 in Bushton Kansas. He married Hedwig Emelie HAMPEL (Born 5 Apr 1862 in Uterlangendarf, Austria. Died 5 May 1931 in Great Bend Kansas) on 27 Jan 1883 in Otis ,Kansas.

Seth GARNSEY or GUERNSEY or GURNSEY, born 15 Feb 1697 in Swansea ,Bristol, Mass. Died 12 Jan 1754 in Rehoboth. Married Hannah MILLARD (born 15 Feb 1704 in Rehoboth) on 6 Jan 1720/21

Edmund JEAN DE LA TACQUE, born Oct 1597 at Le Tacq, Saint Owens Parrish, Isle of Jersey. He died 12 Nov 1674 in Le Tacq. He married Esther LE ROSSIGNOL on 25 April 1638 at Le Tacq. Ancestral File shows his father to be Abram JEAN, who was born 1571 at Saint Owens Parrish.

Dorothy KENT, born abt 1605 in Hawkedon, Suffolk, England. Died in 1673 in Watertown, Mass. She was married to John Browne (born 11 Oct 1601, Hawkedon, Suffolk, England.

William Johann KRAUS, born 22 Sept 1802 in Kur, Hessen, Germany. He died in 1884 in Ohio. He married Anna Marie JAKOBS (born 23 August 1810) before 1832 in Germany.

Esther LE ROSSIGNOL, born 25 Jan 1612 at Saint Owens Parrish, Isle of Jersey. She died on 25 Jun 1672 at Le Tacq, Saint Owens Parrish. She married Edmund JEAN DE LA TACQUE (see his infor), Ancestral file shows her father to be Jean LE ROSSIGNOL, born abt 1586 at Saint Owens. Her mother is listed as Rachel LE GRESLEY, born abt 1588 at Saint Owens. Jean LE ROSSIGNOL's parents are listed as William LE ROSSIGNOL, born 1560, at Saint Owens, and Marguerite CARTERET, born 1564 at Saint Owens. Rachel LE GRESLEY's parents are listed as Nicholas LE GRESELY, born 1564.

Henry MAKEPEACE, born 1490 in Chipping Warden, England. Died after 2 Dec 1537/38 in England. He was married to Elizabeth. I really would like to establish a link from him to Princess Joan "Make Peace". The legend is that the last name MAKEPEACE started with her.

George Michael SCHWARTZ, born 16 Apr 1803 in Oberschonthal, Wuttenberg (Germany). He died on 11 May 1870 in Illinois. He married Johanna Dorthea KIENZLE (born 14 Jan 1809 in Oberschonthal. Died 24 Mar 1872 in Illinois) in 1826 in Germany.

Dorothie WARNER, born 1518 in England. Her father is listed as John WARNER. She was the husband of Richard MAKEPEACE (born abt 1516)

Elizabeth WILLSON, born about 1777. Married to Amos GUERNSEY or GURNSEY (born 1768 at Chatham, CT.


Now for my list of books, but be warned, some of the books I only have titles. Also, if the title doesn't mention the line that the book is about, I do list the line after the publisher:


For those of you that are researching the COVALT line, I must suggest you find this one book. I know you can get it on microfilm at the LDS Genealogy libraries. This book is a must for Covalt researchers.

"Descendants of Covalt, Covault, Cavolt". Compilied by C. Richard Covault, 1990. Published by Kwik-Kopy, Binding by Roswell Bookbinding, Phoenix, AZ.

"The Garnsey-Guernsey Genealogy" Judith L. Young-Thayer, 1979, Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore.

"The Bemis History and Genealogy" by Thomas Draper (1900)

"Ancestry of John S. Gustine" by Sarah Dewick

"Gustine and Carlile Genealogy"

"The Gustine Compendium" by Gustine Courson Weaver. Powell and White, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Sulgrave Manor and the Washingtons" by H. Clifford Smith, 1933, Macmillan (This book has information on the Makepeace line).

Also (newsletters):

"The American Genealogist" Jan 1980 (Browne)

"The American Genealogist" July, 1968 (Governor Thomas Dudley)

"New England Historical and Genealogical Register" Vol 65 (Apr 1911) (Gov. Dudley)

"New England Historical and Genealogical Register" Vol CXL (July 1986) (Gov. Dudley)


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