Indian Hill to Goat Trestle (Carrizo Gorge) via the SD&AE track


As some of you might be aware of, there is a train line that runs from San Diego to the Imperial Valley. It was completed in 1918 (I think) and was called the San Diego and Arizona Eastern, and the part that I hiked on this last weekend was shut down in 1975 when Hurricane Kathleen hit it (Tunnel collapse. You will also notice several pictures of 2 train cars that had slide down the steep slope). One of the closed tunnels is right before (east of) the famous Goat Trestle/bridge. A path way has been constructed around this and the other 2 (west of this trestle) tunnels that have been shut down due to slides (and fires).

There has been talk about reopening it for freight traffic, but so far, it has only been talk. While up there, we met some people from the San Diego Transit Authority that now owns the track. They made the comment that there could be a passenger train ride going as far east as the one tunnel that is shut down (rock slide). I'm pondering about riding this section on my Mountain bike.

Our local PBS station had a special about this line several months ago. It was quite interesting.

It's a very rugged hike and bike ride. Very rough and scenic. Hope you enjoy pictures.

The is the Dos Cabezas Station looking northwest (East part of the trip near Octotillo in the Anza-Borrego State Park)

Dos Cabezas Station looking southeast (The trains would fill up with water before the climb up)

One of the traincars that went over the edge (looking down into the steep Carrizo Gorge)

The 2 traincars that went over

Roger, and the 2 traincars that went over

One of the 21 tunnels

another of the tunnels

Roger and the famous Goat Trestle (aka: Carrizo Gorge Bridge)-looking south towards it.


My friend Ken and the famous bridge. We walked over it and had lunch at the tunnel entrance.

One of the official cars that came up with official people.


Hopefully you can make out the tracks.


we did this on Feb 05, 2000