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I’ve been privileged to be part of the Bemis, Hancock and Roberds family gatherings in San Bernardino over the years. These families came down together from Utah during the Mormon colonization of San Bernardino. You can learn more about this colonization at my website about it.


At the gatherings, many handouts have been given out. I have included several here. I had hoped that someone would have placed them online by now, but since they aren’t, here they are:

Joseph and Nathaniel Hancock-plus SBO History.pdf” has the story and descendants of Joseph Hancock (b May 7, 1822) and Nathaniel Hancock (Great-great-great-grandfather of John Hancock, the patriot). It also includes some stories about the Bemis, Hancock and Roberds families’ journey to San Bernardino and some of the events there. This file has some good information about the conversion of the Hancocks to Mormonism.

Hancock and Adam Families.pdf” has the story of the 2 families, but also about the early days of Mormonism.

Bemis Family 1619-1985.pdf” has the San Bernardino Bemis line. Some of the early lines listed have been proven inaccurate, so don’t use this as a source.

Nancy Agusta Bemis-Hancock letter.pdf” is a letter written by Jershua Guerney Bemis daughter. It describes a little of the Guernesy line.


I hope you all enjoy these. If you're part of the above clans and have more information, I would love to obtain copies of it, and if I have your permission, post it here for all.


Updated July 28, 2010.

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